10/03 Jewcy: Paul Revere is rolling in his grave

Paul Revere is rolling in his grave

John DiMascio, October 3, 2007

Lexington, MA – The Lexington, Massachusetts No Place for Hate Committee (LNPFH) blocked Lexington residents from a “closed” door unannounced meeting
with the Anti Defamation League’s New England Regional Director Andrew Tarsy this morning, just one week after the Lexington Board of Selectmen held a
meeting during which over 150 Lexington residents urged the town of Lexington to sever ties with the Anti Defamation League, reported the Armenian National Committee of Eastern Massachusetts.

One cannot help but notice the tragic irony. Some 200 years, not more than a few hundred feet away on Lexington Green, the first blood was shed for government “of the people.”

Apparently slamming the doors of justice in face of the people doesn’t qualify as a hate crime to the ivory tower elitists that populate the Lexington No Place for Hate Committee.

Imagine that! Those who have come down from Mt. Olympus to lecture us about tolerance and diversity-- those who preach the politics of inclusion-- actually excluded the people from a meeting of quasi-governmental board of Lexington’s government.

This could very well be a violation of Massachusetts “Open Meeting Laws” (M.G.L. chapter 39-section 23b).

Irrespective of the legalities, the citizens of Lexington deserve better from those who purport advocate for their rights. The actions of the NPFH committee (in this regard) are sufficient cause for the program to come under much closer scrutiny.

It’s pretty simple. If the people running the program can’t be trusted to operate in the light of day, than Lexington residents should question whether or not the NPFH committee’s motives and agenda are transparent.
Hence, they should reconsider the program entirely!

The Lexington NPFH committee must come clean in order to restore public confidence in the program, its sponsors, and all the individuals involved in
running it.

They can start by answering these questions:

Why did they exclude members of the public from their meeting with Andrew Tarsy? What backroom deals were made? What secret strategies were discussed?
Were any members of the Board of Selectman or HRC present? If so did they participate? Were there enough present to constitute a quorum? Were minutes

These and other questions must be answered to the public's satisfaction if the committee has any hope of redeeming its credibility.

Source: http://www.jewcy.com/node/9047