11/06 Metro West Daily: Letter: Denial of genocide is evil

Denial of genocide is evil

It is discouraging, 62 years after my infantry division raced across Europe to save precious prisoners in the Nazi death camps, that I, as an old soldier, must again join a fight against genocide. However, this time the fight is against the most evil phase of genocide: its denial.

David Boyajian's article, ``The Greenway: No Place for the ADL'' (MetroWest Daily News, Oct. 28), is extremely sobering and I would normally be inclined to demand an immediate explanation from the ADL regarding its behind-the-scenes activities in the matter of obstructing the Armenian Heritage Park.

But recalling the recent stance taken by the ADL that the annihilation of the Armenians was not really a genocide but merely ``tantamount to genocide,'' a phrase now ridiculed around the world, I believe it would be prudent for me to ignore that misguided organization entirely.

However, because of Peter Meade's role as a senior Blue Cross-Blue Shield official, a competent company whose services I have enjoyed for over 40 years, and his stellar reputation as a civic-minded citizen, I take this opportunity to urge him to disassociate himself immediately from the ADL, which has morphed from a highly regarded human rights organization into an infamous one.

Unless and until the ADL unambiguously acknowledges the reality of the Armenian Genocide and re-establishes its moral base, it will continue to sink. Mr. Meade does not deserve the tarnish he will inherit by his continued association with the ADL.


Source: http://www.metrowestdailynews.com/opinions/x1375675765